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Solution Design

This is currently a SharePoint 2010 farm solution that contains 1 Site scoped feature. There is various server side code implemented to achieve the goal however we are looking to make this as little as possible so suggests are more than welcome.

The feature uses a (hidden) administration list in the Root Site which stores details about the various relationships that get set up.

A Custom Action adds a link in the General Settings section of the List Settings page to an Application Page for managing the relationship on the given list.

Modifications are made to the DispForm.aspx of the Parent list and the NewForm.aspx of the Child list in order to display a view of the child list and link up the parent's id respectively.

There is both server-side and jQuery code in use, most of the setup and configuration is done in the server-side code and the jQuery is used to create UI links and retrieve query string values etc. Therefore there is a reliance on the jQuery library.

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